Guitar styles: fingerstyle, fingerpicking, classical, folk, blues finger style


Guitar styles

I teach a diverse range of guitar styles from basic song accompaniment through to more advanced playing across a range of genres. As you can see by viewing my short videos a key element in much of my teaching and playing focuses on the development of strong right hand technique.

Range of styles

The range of styles I teach include Country, Blues, American folk, British folk, Country Blues, Ragtime, Brazilian/Bossa Nova, Celtic finger style, Classical, Jazz. I also teach pop songs from contemporary to past classics.

Country Blues

Early country blues masters such as Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy or the Reverend Gary Davis developed fantastic guitar styles that incorporated tight rhythms, alternating bass/bass runs, melodic lines and syncopation. Much of the sublty, drive, and rhythmic power they achieve in their music is rooted in their right hand techniques.

Irish fiddle tunes

In traditional music the guitar often takes supporting rhythmic role. However there are many fingerstyle arrangements where the guitar can also bring out the melody.

Similarly achieving an authentic and professional guitar playing approach to whatever style interests you, be it in Folk, Country, Latin American and many other genres is largely dependant on understanding and developing the specific right hand techniques which lie at the heart of each style.

Maybe you have specific songs or artists/albums you’d like to learn?

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