Musical interests

I have over 30 years experience playing guitar as a performing musician, recording artist and teacher. My initial musical interests were in blues and rock music but I became more drawn towards the acoustic guitar as a solo instrument. I was drawn to the Americana roots tradition, particularly blues and country blues, but also folk and country styles. Over the years I have diversified and have incorporated elements of music from many diverse genres including the classical and jazz traditions.

Working background

Beyond my interest in music I have also had a career in counselling and as a trainer/educator. The knowledge, skills, and experience I developed in this field prove invaluable to me as a music teacher. Encouragement, patience, motivation and a desire to assist people to take positive steps forward make the process of learning rewarding and enjoyable both for my students and myself.

Approach to teaching

My teaching approach is tailored to each individual student. Different people have different strengths  and we will identify the approach that works best for you. There are a number of factors such as age, playing experience and the style of guitar playing that are considered when devising the correct approach .

If you are aiming to learn guitar as an accompaniment to songs it may be best to learn by ear alongside simple chord diagrams. If you are aiming for more complex styles it may be best to learn through guitar tablature, a really easy to understand notation method for stringed instruments.

Reading music?

The ability to read music is fantastic. Some music – classical for example – depends on this. However lots of music, including most of the popular guitar music over the last century that I teach don’t. 


Video recording key learning points on your smart phone is another great option that allows you to review your lessons in your own time and at your own pace.

There are on-line resources, instructional DVD’s and CD’s, guitar tablature books, which can be really useful when learning guitar. However nothing replaces personal instruction or compensates for the teachers direct approach to the learners specific capabilities.
Utilising these resources in conjunction with personal lessons may be an option that maximises your understanding, progress and enjoyment.

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